• ART718

OMCN Electrohydraulic Twin-Scissor Lift

Vehicle lifts designed by combining peak performance and safety through a symmetrical, open floor concept that optimises your workspace in garage. Engineered to lift a broad range of light-to-medium-duty vehicles with capacities ranging from 2,800 kg to 5,500 kg. All our lifts are certified by international regulatory authorities to guaranteed you our best quality.

Product Description

  • Brand: OMCN
  • Model: ART.718
  • Peak lifting capacity: 3500 kg
  • Electrohydraulic operating
  • Lifting platforms with flat profile during recessed
  • Designed to lift for vehicle with lowered body
  • Twin extensions platform allow quick & easy vehicle positioning
  • Hydraulic synchronised platforms with leveling control device
  • Two pistons for each platform
  • Air connection is not required
  • Self-lubricating pins in bronze bushes
  • Low voltage ‘dead man’s switch’
  • Equipped hydraulic circuit safety valve
  • Hydraulic compensation for lowering speed control
  • Sound indicator and two hand control during final lowering phase
  • Independent mechanical anchor system